A lifetime with healthy natural teeth is a realistic goal!

Our Practice is located in Ravenna, Ohio, the seat of Portage County


Our goal is to bring you to a high level of dental health by completing any necessary dentistry and establishing a preventive maintenance routine. Proper home care and regular dental check-ups—with cleaning, fluoride treatments and sealants as needed---are essential for preventive maintenance.


Dentistry today offers you more than ever before. With proper brushing and flossing, the use of fluoride, selective application of sealants, regular dental checkups, and good nutrition, tooth decay and periodontal disease are almost totally preventable. With routine preventive maintenance and cooperation, your need for future restorative dentistry will be greatly reduced.


Attractive healthy teeth can contribute greatly to overall appearance, confidence, and success. We want to help you achieve and keep a winning smile. We will be glad to contact you regularly to schedule check-up appointments.


Periodontal Treatment


Cosmetic Dentistry

Root Canal Treatment


Tooth-colored Fillings

Selective Oral Surgery

TMJ Therapy

Crowns and Bridges


Topical Fluoride


Partial and Full Dentures


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